Saturday, November 13, 2010


Olivia had just stirred the chocolate, sending the delicious aroma to hover in the air. She turned to her list and checked off 'cooking'. Next, she set all the appetizers out on the counter. Several trays covered the small island. Unwrapping each tray with with the same joy children open gifts with, she smiled at her handiwork. All that was left was to add the finishing touch: a scented candle set between a festive wreath as a simple centerpiece.

She struggled with the lid for a couple of minutes to no avail. "John," she called, "can you help me with this thing?"

He didn't answer her. She wasn't surprised. Voices didn't travel well through the empty space and wide hallway occupying the distance between them. Concerned with the impending arrival of her guests, she carried the jar to the bedroom, pulling at the cap. She was so focused on getting the candle open, she didn't notice John was on bended knee.

"Marry me," he said simply.

*** One Minute Writer ***

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