Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The fight had been going on all day. A literal line had been drawn across the living room, marking sides. Joanna sat behind the over turned couch, carefully planning her next move. John knew something was coming, and that it would be big, but wasn't sure what and so stayed hunkered down behind the love seat and winged back chair. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. John stood up to answer. Interruptions such as these marked a temporary truce. Opening the door, he found Joanne's friend standing on the stoop.

"Now may not be the best time, " he said as Marcy stormed in. She looked upset.

Turning to face him, she put a finger in John's face. "What have you...."

"Duck!" yelled Joanne as her head popped above the couch. Nerf gun in hand, she aimed it at John and took her shot. Rapid fire foam missiles shot across the room. Two hit Marcy in the back before she managed to get out of the way. Three more hit John as he dived for the safety of his refuge. The last hit squarely on his heart. "Games over, baby! All's fair in love and war!" Joana screamed as she did a happy dance.

In her excitement, she missed Marcy grabbing one of John's guns and firing back. The little yellow dart smacked her in the butt. Marcy blew over the top of the foam gun, set it on the table, and stormed out marginally less irritated than when she had come in. As the door shut and Marcy's profile disappeared from the window, John and Joanna burst into large bubbles of laughter. It had been a good day.

*** One Word: It is suppose to be a timed one minute writing experiment, only I didn't realize that the sound on my computer had been turned off. By the time I noticed, I was too far in to trash it and start over. Plus, I was having fun watching the scene play out in my mind. ***


  1. Nerf Guns that is what I need....

  2. Yes. They are slightly less deadly than real guns.

  3. That was fun! And sounds like something my husband and I would do. What struck me most was your note at the bottom; that you couldn't stop because the scene unfolded before you. I get that. I SOOOO get that!

  4. We've had little wars, but none like the one above. If our children weren't present, I could definitely see this playing out. I wanted to write more, but I'd maxed out the space on the site and by the time I got it cross-posted, the excitement behind the scene had left. I hate it when that happens!

  5. I love this one, its cute and funny - I also love that it is 'authentic' to the brief you've given (ie, that it is meant to be written in a minute - I can tell because the main charater's name is spelt 3 different ways ;))