Friday, November 19, 2010

Dirty Work

Cinderella stood in the window, looking over the vast castle gardens. Below, she saw several men clearing dead branches and yellowed stalks for that evenings party. She remembered how dirty that work was and made a mental note to stay out of the area until her husband summoned her for the party. "Your Majesty," came an older woman's voice, "another of your ladies is here to help with the corset. If you are ready madam, we can lace you in."

Together, the women worked to reign in the aging queen's spreading girth. Once the strained ribbon was tied into place, they helped place the heavy velvet robes over Cinderella's frame. The older woman silently buttoned the tiny pearls from the small of the queen's back to the nape of her neck. The young girl fetched appropriate accessories at Cinderella's command. Both received their daily ration of subtle abuse.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***

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