Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Way or Another

"I am never, ever, ever going to do it! I don't care what you say," the little brunette boy screamed at the couple hovering over him, their faces awash in an equal amount of determination to match the child's defiance.

"One way or another, you are going to return that toy," said the woman, her hands on her hip and a wry smile turning up her lips, "unless you prefer going to jail for shoplifting."

The child's eyes, wide open, darted to the man for reassurance, but met only a victorious grin.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. As some one who has been working in a toy store I totally see this. And I have a great appreciation of it.
    Well written.

  2. It kind of came to mind after I encouraged X to change his mind about having J crash the car into the capitol. Oddly, he didn't care too much about us going to jail, but he was vehemently opposed to having to live with someone else :)