Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lights On???

I've decided to change your prompt to lights on, because it makes more sense. President Obama was in town today and everywhere I went, I saw flashing red-blue-and whites atop the police vehicles. He visits frequently, I believe this is his third since being voted into office, and every time it causes political excitement in conversation and traffic delays on whatever route they've determined the best option. The first time I saw his motorcade, I sat for 15 minutes waiting for his car (and the cars of secret service agents and the large police escort) to pass while the milk warmed in the backseat. Yesterday, however, I've never seen the likes of. In the 12 miles I drove, I saw at least 60 police cars, nearly all of which had their lights on. Every turn around (meant for emergency vehicles only) were blocked with the biggest bright orange construction trucks I have ever seen. Men and women in bright safety vests milled around on the shoulder while cars sped by at a controlled 5 miles an hour over the speed limit. That was the show 4 hours before his arrival! But, I guess I wouldn't expect much less when shutting down an interstate and expressway.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***


  1. You have always shown a stubborn side. Make me giggle to know you are fixing someone's prompt to suit you.

  2. Me? Stubborn? No one would believe you and least of all I!

    In all fairness, I only subtracted two letters and added one. Lights Off to Lights On.

  3. I realized what the original prompt was by what you wrote. It still amused me no end it still is.