Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Interview 2

So like, I went to thise interview, and um, the guy was a total creep. He kept asking me all of these really dumb questions, ya now, but I am sure he just did it to get a look down my shirt. Not that I like let him or anything like that. Maybe if it had been for like a register position instead of dunkin fries I mighta considered it. But yeah, not for dunkin the fries or flippin burgers. No way! How gross would that have been. Ugh. Men are so disgusting! Anyway, I didn't get that job.

*** Daily Writing Practice: This was done more as an antic than not. I had promised Marc, the owner of the blog, that one day I would write crap just to see how he would put a positive light on it; hence the poor language, spelling errors, and grammar issues. You see it as he will. If he clicks on the link, it will bring him to what I intend to be the real entry. You can click the link or just read the post following this. ***

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