Friday, September 10, 2010


She'd been standing outside the restaurant for ten minutes. Her nerves kept her from walking opening the door and walking in. Smoke swirled up from her cigarette as she watched others moving in and out of the building, all smiling and laughing. "Why am I standing here when I could be in there with all the others smiling and enjoying a drink or two?" she thought to herself moments before her own reproach. "Because I am an idiot who is wasting her life!"

Quickly she stubbed out her cigarette, the little that remained, and took a deep breath. Before she could change her mind, she walked to the doors and pulled on the handle. Warmth and laughter met her. She stepped inside and headed straight to the bar. "Margarita on the rocks, salt the rim please." She smiled at her first step of moving on.

*** One Minute Writer ***

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