Friday, March 25, 2011


Tapestries covered every inch of the wall, pillows laid piled haphazardly in every corner of the room, and a red candle glowed on the low table in front of me. The room was too red and too stereotypical. I couldn't believe my friends had talked me into coming. Slowly I began to rise, leaving the cooled tea on the table. It had been bitter and I hadn't taken more than a few small sips when Madame Chaz excused herself. I wondered how long it had been just before I heard the door open and the shooshing of her garments as she approached the table.

"I'm sorry..." I started to say ands he settled into her cushions and I finished rising. "I'm afraid I have to go." Madame Chaz didn't even glance up. Perhaps she's hard of hearing, I thought. I was ready to repeat myself when she lifted my tea cup and swirled it ever so gently, the tea leaves dancing to the surface excitedly, before looking down.

"Oh my dear," she intoned, concern filling out her thin voice. "You've suffered great losses, but only you are holding yourself back. Let go of the sadness and let love fill its place. He's waiting patiently for you."

I gasped. No one knew about my losses. No one. So how could she?

*** One Minute Writer ***

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