Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tired from a long day of bickering and forced compromise, Johnny climbed into bed. As always, Tommy followed him. "Johnny, I'm not tired yet," he said in a half whine, half complaint."Let's stay up for a while yet."

Johnny ignored him, pulling the covers over his shoulders to make a point. Tommy pleaded. Johnny sat up slightly to readjust his position, causing Tommy to have to do the same. Then he reached for the light and turned it off, tunneling back under the covers as quickly as he could considering he had to fight the resistant body of his brother.

"Come on! Don't be like that! Look, I'll leave you alone and let you go to sleep if you hand me my book and turn the light back on." Tommy crossed his arms over his chest and stared hard at his brother. When Johnny didn't respond, Tommy reached over and poked him, repeatedly. He knew it would annoy Johnny to no end and he would get his way. 

Johnny finally groaned in frustration and flung the covers off. He sat up briskly, pulling the book off his side of the headboard and dropped it in Tommy's lap with clear disdain. Without a word, he reached up and turned on the light before flopping down as much as he could flop in the queen size bed he and his brother shared and pulled the covers over his head. He heard his brother smile.

Being a twin could be tough. Being literally joined at the hip seemed impossible most days.

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