Thursday, March 17, 2011

The End

Sitting on the edge of the deck with a mug of hot tea in her hands, she smiled into the chill breeze of  approaching autumn. Birds sang parting songs in the trees and an occasional car rumbled by. Otherwise it was quiet. Jillene felt at ease with the silence for the first time in six years. She was more than at ease if she was being honest with herself, she was appreciative for the moment.

In the quiet sunlight, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander back over the last six years. She saw Mark's face in the garage shadows as he stormed off for the last time. She felt the heat of panic rise steadily as she checked each of the rooms the next morning. Anguish flooded her soul every time a news report said a body had been found. The hope and dread of the phone ringing. Gratitude for her mother's strength, the obsessive detective, and all the outpouring from anonymous supporters.

A bell rang in the distance and she called her mind back to the present. Warmth and joy flooded her as she walked into the house and placed her mug on the counter. Shirley was at her feet before she picked up the leash, excited for her daily walk to the school where they would collect her best friends. Patting the pup on top of her head, Jillene ushered her out of the house and toward the school.

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