Tuesday, March 29, 2011


She looked so sweet sitting on a blanket in the shade of the young Birch. The flowing leaf shadows seemed to taunt the solid lined shadow coming from the brim of her hat. "Come dance with us! Sway in the breeze! Be free!" they seemed to call out. I sat on the wooden edge of the bed and watched her. She pulled out small tufts of green grass and threw them merrily in the air. They fell like little flakes of confetti, further adding to the feel of joy and celebration in the day. 

Slowly she came to notice my quiet presence. I put down the yellow trowel and pulled off my gloves. She toddled over to me, more unsteady on the sloped ground than on the smooth even surfaces of the kitchen. Reaching for her, I pulled her into my lap. She pointed at the green leaves of the early summer plants that had already started to produce.

"I want," she said, her small hands clawing at the air and her eyes focused on the Sugar Snap Peas. With an awkward reach, I pulled one of the pods from the vine and gave it to her. Amazement danced in her eyes as my heart swelled with love.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***

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