Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking Back

Rather than write a story, I wanted to comment on some of the posts I've seen from friends on facebook. Even though it is only Christmas Eve, many have posted about looking back on their lives and a brief comment on how they feel they have faired so far. Some are happy, most are unsure, and a few are waiting for some big mysterious event to happen that tells them their life has been worthwhile. Personally, each of you is worthwhile. If nothing else, you have all touched my life in some way and without you I would be much less blessed.

As far as my life is concerned, I am proud to say that I am one of the happy ones. I am leaving a footprint in the world. It may not be a big print, nothing the size celebrities or the very wealthy have the ability to leave, but it is a mark and a positive one at that. The regrets I have are few and not things that tug on my conscience. My need for gratification for work is small and non-existent when it comes to good deeds. The feeling of accomplishment and doing the right thing keeps me going and wanting to do more.

Looking back, things are good. Looking forward, things are great! If nothing else comes your way this holiday season, I hope you find the same sense of ease and joy I have found.


  1. I do like this. In many was although connected with a few tweaks the three paragraphs could stand alone. The first paragraph is the most "needy". It is an explanation of the other two but a nod to things unseen by the reader. It seems to have some awkwardness in the flow of things maybe being a bit too bulky. I am not sure what. It almost doesn't fit with the rest. Not in content so much as style. I don't know how exactly to explain it.

  2. I like this one. Nice and fitting for the holiday. Yes, a happy one you are and it shows. Perhaps a little more details if you wish to work on it again. I am not sure what you mean, Vicki, I know you expressed difficulty explaining, but I tried to see what you meant. I'll reread it again at an earlier time of the day with less exhaustion after a very merry Christmas we've had today.

  3. Don't you ladies have other things to do on X-Mas? Or are you just that addicted to my writings?