Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is....

Is it bad that world peace comes to mind, but only as a joke in a Sandra-Bullock-in-Miss-Congeniality-after-thought kind of way? I'm far too selfish to care what day or what year we figure out how to get along. (Although, I do hope we get their in my lifetime!) No, all I want for Christmas is THE pair of black boots I saw at Kohl's. They screamed Diva! Furry black from the top all the way down to the ankle of the boot where it met with suede. And two cute black balls of fur on the laces. I saw another mom wearing them when she picked her little girl up from ballet. And n ow, I want them! Please Santa?

***This prompt brought to you from the One Minute Writer. And please don't buy me the boots! I'd enjoy them, but feel bad about guilting you into it. My birthday might be the right occasion though.***

1 comment:

  1. The description is so cool (and now I want one, too!! And the "disclaimer/author's comments" -- You are so funny! HAHAHHAA. Don't buy it because I asked, but my birthday's around the corner kind of sentence. funnY!!