Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Movie

A romantic comedy.

John is walking along Michigan Ave when an old woman tells him he has just met his wife, pointing to a woman he just helped a moment ago. Thinking he is being punked by his friends, he decides to play along and returns to invite her to a Christmas Party. A year later, still in each other's company, he has to decide if this relationship is "the one" and has given himself until the annual Christmas Party to move on or propose.

*** In the spirit of the holidays, I give up on writing long entries that require much thought. Instead, I fall in the direction of the One Minute Writer just to stay motivated while making other memories to write about another time.***


  1. This is actually a cute plot. Keep it posted here and maybe when you want to play around with your stuff, you can expand this one. Cute.

    Curious as to the fact that this may be the same John in your other stories. Geez, you and JC!!! Ah ha!

  2. I figure if people are going to tell me how much I like him, I may as well play along. At least in this case it makes sense being he is an actor and all!

  3. Beware of a self fulfilling prophecy.

    I agree with sheshe it is cute. although it sounds familiar. I don't know why though.

  4. Probably because it is the basic premise of most romantic comedies :)