Thursday, June 30, 2011


"I've got it! I'll be fine!" I said pulling my arm away from both my husband and our friend. I was nearly 9 months pregnant and had stumbled over a frozen rut of snow and ice. "Seriously!" I said with a great deal of annoyance as the men grabbed everything they could possibly carry out of the trunk and had attempted to free the loaf of bread from my hands.

Finally they left me to fend for myself. Gracefully, I maneuvered over the ruts and into the clear path of the driveway. Not seeing a patch of ice, I slipped, my feet going out from under me and the weight of my body coming down hard.

As the men rushed to help me up, I shouted out, half in tears and half in laughter, "Don't worry! The bread broke my fall! But I think we'll need a new plan for lunch."

*** One Minute Writer ***

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