Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I heard the soft tapping of branches against the window, the way they always did on a breezy afternoon. I smiled in my sleep, barely conscious, even less alert. A wind howled. And odd wind. One that I was unfamiliar with and the tapping came faster, more urgent. I tossed, sensing that I was not surrounded by the familiar, the safe, the known.

I was startled awake by this realization, sitting bolt upright in bed, the covers crumpled tightly in front of my chest as if they were some kind of shield. The tapping came again; sporadic, sharp, uneven. It was followed by the wind. Carefully I peered out my window. The trees stood still.

Below them, my ex-boyfriend stood. Drunk and apologetic. Hopping around like a monkey, howling into the night air and tossing tiny pebbles at the window. I was giddy as my heart fell back to him.

***One Minute Writer ***

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