Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thick clouds blocked the sun's rays and muddled time. I woke, unsure if it was still night or had turned day. My eyes stung and my head ached. I strained to read the time but saw nothing more than red squiggles before having to close my eyes. Tired from the effort, I spread my arms and legs into the shape of a crippled starfish.

The right side of my body bumped against something. Quickly I retracted my limbs. Squinting through still stinging eyes, I made out the shape of a body. An arm, shoulder, neck and head full of hair lay next to me. The rest seemed to be buried beneath the covers. It didn't move, but my mind was spinning like the tea cup ride at the county fair.

Images blurred on the canvas of my blank brain. I slid out of bed pulling my nightshirt down over my hips. Standing up, I glanced at the alarm clock. It was early; 6:15a.m. A buzzing went off in the next room. The bodies chest rose and fell rhythmically. The buzzing grew louder, more insistent. On tip toes, I ran around the side of the bed and into the next room to slam my hand down on the snooze button.

I turned to leave the room, call my friend Sharon, when I heard a rapid succession of footsteps run across the hall, stopping in front of the door. The handle turned slowly. I Pushed myself against the wall, willing myself to be as small as possible or even invisible. Finally, the door opened. My son stood in the doorway, rubbing his eye, one hand on the handle. "Is it school today?" he asked.

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