Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tears well in my eyes as I watch breathlessly from a distance. Quietly, I pray that it will not end with yet another death. I dare not speak or plead. I am caught, of my own will, in the drama that continues to unfold before me. She raises a dagger in the air and continues to speak. "No, no..." I whisper, my hands flying to my mouth and tears falling freely. I watch as she shoves the dagger deep in her flesh and slumps backwards. Her chest rises and falls unsteadily and then ceases to move at all.

There is chaos as the police finally gain entrance. People are everywhere. Parents are crying and one man attempts to answer why. I am still holding my breath. Suddenly, I feel Johnathan's hand squeezing mine. I move my eyes from the scene and see his reassuring smile, but even his eyes are wet. I turn back to see men and woman standing silently. Only a mother's cry fills the air. 

And then we are all on our feet, applauding madly. I have never been to a play and Shakespeare was not a popular read in The Projects. The stage lights go off and I am already craving for more.

*** One Minute Writer ***

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