Monday, January 24, 2011

It saddens me that I don't have the energy to write as of late. January was suppose to be my come back month, but it seems to be slipping away more than December did. In December, I gave myself permission to slack off, to not hold myself accountable for letting my writing muscles apathy, to basically take it easy and rejuvenate. There were so many things to do. Santa Claus was coming, my eldest was turning 6, travel plans to ensure extended family still felt valued, and so on. It all took up my days and nights.

So what is my excuse this month? Life happens just like it has every month. No, Santa is not making a return trip. Instead, I had my nephews for a week and the wrapping up of a couple of holiday parties. I started a class with the Anti-Christ of Education. (She is actually a very good teacher, but the amount of work is quite overwhelming. By writing this, I am actively avoiding working on the presentation that is expected in a few days.)   And what else? Two side writing projects (which I really need to get in the mail) and a photography swap due at the end of this week. My usual, every day responsibilities. It's a handful, certainly, but not significantly more than I typically have.

I have a new vision. February will be my Take Back the Reins month. I'll be settled into the patterns of homework. I'll have renewed my driver's license, bought groceries, filed my taxes, attended my son's school program, and regained control of the clutter monsters sitting on my counters. I won't have any more excuses. I won't!

Oh shoot. I see now that my daughter has her conferences scheduled in February and there is that concert to go to. Plus, the owner's of the preschool are asking for an emergency board session. That reminds me that I have to staff the Open House and find volunteers for........

*** Daily Writing Practice ***



    you can do it!!!!!

  2. Oh Vicki, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I don't know that I can handle another blog while the Anti-Christ of Education is my teacher. Even if for only a month. Try and convince me tomorrow.

    Zhongming- If I can do it, so can you. What will you be contributing?

  3. Heather, i'm not quite sure what you're refering to. But i think i do have a lot more to offer to this society and the school, my workplace at Singapore's NTU. Anyway, i do what i can to help at present. Future? i can't possibly tell but there's always work-a-round right. what do you think?