Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Mix of Minis

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If those with the ability to make the changes had to walk in the shoes of those who struggle most with the current system, I think they would have a very different view of what the real problems are. So the addition of compassion... or perhaps empathy is the change we need.
If I were to start teaching a class tomorrow, it would be "How to Freak Out with a Sincere Smile". You see, in just a couple of short weeks I am going to Costa Rica for a month... by myself. My two young children and husband are staying home. I am freaking out about making all the necessary arrangements before I leave and about the trip itself! But, I keep smiling at everyone who asks me how the preparations are going.
I watched an interesting TED talk last week. It talked about how money can buy happiness, but not in the way we expect. Money only buys happiness when we spend it on someone else. The person, reason, and amount make no real difference. A cup of coffee from Starbucks for a friend was worth as much happiness as a large donation to a charity. If I had more money, I would spend it on happiness.

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