Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Parking my car at the end of the street, I looked at the long row of neatly trimmed hedges that lined the neatly trim houses with the heavy trimmings in the window. A smile came easily to my lips. It would be a good day.

Knocking on the first door, the same easy smile greeted the young woman answering the door. She was in her 30's or maybe 40's, trim, blonde, and impatient. She was perfect in the sense of pitching my wares. "Good afternoon Miss."

She eyed me warily, but her skepticism only put me at ease. "My name is Bach, like the respected composer of a century ago." Still, she was silent. I continued, "I'm here today to see if I can interest you in either Misery or Desperation? Truly it is a single product as they always come hand-in-hand....."

She had shut the door as soon as I uttered the word Misery. They almost always did. Whistling, I moved on to the next house. Another few months of no-sales and I could close up shop and retire. The thought added a little kick to my step as I heard heels clicking on the hardwood floors on the other side of the door and that easy smile came to my face.

*** One Minute Writer ***

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