Saturday, April 9, 2011

If Only

Lisa woke up. The sun was low in the sky, indicating that it was early morning.  Last night she dreamed that she had gone back in time. She had visited her father when he was a young man after he had experienced Vietnam and the loss of his first child. It was the exact moment in the past when he turned from God and to drugs and alcohol for salvation. As she watched the sun inch up in the sky, she thought about how her life would be different if she could have said to him the things she had said in the dream.

When she was a child, Lisa would have learned to dance or she would have learned to play the piano. She would have received good grades in school and graduated. She would have gone to college to study art. She would have married and they would have moved to New York or Chicago. She and her husband have had children together. She would have been happier.

Yes. She needed her father to support her. She wanted him to have chosen something other than drugs and alcohol. She wished she would have had a different life.

*** The English draft of the paper for a Spanish class. ***

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