Saturday, February 5, 2011


Mr. Mouse shook the snow from his whiskers. It had been a long tedious day at work and he was glad for the sight of his log home. Scampering to and fro so as not to disturb his neighbor in the branches above, he slipped into the warmth of his kitchen. Putting on tea, he sat down and began sorting through his mail. There were the usuals: the advertisements and coupons; the begging letters and charity invites; the financial statements and credit offers. There was one piece of personal mail.

It arrived in a blue envelope. His name was drawn in a beautiful manuscript and the sender had used berry juice. Receiving something personal was a surprise in itself, but the arrival of something that clearly demanded such careful attention made his whiskers twitch. Carefully, he pulled the flap up. A cream colored paper sat inside. Like all Mice, Mr. Mouse could tell it was heavy-weight and of high quality. He pondered who the sender could be. Surely none of his friends could afford to send such a luxurious letter!

Slowly, he pulled the paper out, letting the envelope fall tot he floor. He opened the paper and began to read:

"Dear Mr. Mouse,

Pardon my intrusion into your life; however, it is a necessity that can no longer wait!

You do not know me, or rather, you can not possibly remember me. We met when we were living in the walls of Jax Place. We were but mouslings at the time and couldn't have had the slightest scent that we would be destined for a journey of such magnitude together. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself! You've been away from the city for such a long time now that you no doubt have little inkling to what I am referring.

We must remedy this situation immediately! I will provide you with a sketch of the history of our predicament in this letter. Shall it be found, there will be nothing of consequence contained in it. The more important details, I shall share with you only when we meet for their discovery could lead to a premature end of our journey and therefore a catastrophic end to..... well, life as we mice know it!

Many generations before we were born, a mouse named Peromyscus was working on finding a solution to keep us safe from our predators. He had ideas, hypothesis, and theories, but could never prove them. One day, he stumbled across an answer. He shared this answer with a mouse named Leucopus. On the day they were going to present their findings to the committee, they both went missing. No one ever heard from them again.

Two years ago, another scientist opened up a time capsule that had been buried about the same time Peromyscus and Leucopus had disappeared. It was suppose to contain specially altered seeds, but instead there was a single piece of paper inside. The paper had notes. The notes are believed to be part of what Peromyscus had learned. In addition to the notes, there were three names attached to dates. My name is one of them and so is yours. Your date arrives in a month's time. Which is why I am writing to you now!

You have a special role to play in our future and our children's history. We will meet on the prescribed date. I promise you will know when the time comes. Until then,  be reassured that I have every faith we are destined to succeed.



*** One Minute Writer ***


  1. It didn't come out as well as I thought it would, but I sure had fun writing it and playing with voices! Thanks Vicki!