Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Left and Right

Left and Right are terms frequently applied in the politics of the United States. The "left" is typically used to represent politicians with a more liberal view. The "right" tends to refer to those with conservative view points. The battles between them are on-going and can be epic.

Today, for the first time since I started to invest myself in politics in any manner, "left" and "right" have been set aside. I wish I could say this because politicians finally established a bi-partisan relationship, even if only in my state. But I can't. At least, not yet.

If all the havoc, animosity, fear, and anger that the current Governor has caused was resolved through bi-partisanship and that relationship remained in place to solve other large issues, I would say it was all well worth it. Instead, I am sitting in front of my computer reading and worrying about my friends, my neighbors, and my children.

I wish the conversation would just go back to the "left" and the "right".

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