Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I spent the day wishing. Wishing for something better than the hand life had dealt me. Something that would replace the mismatched and skipped numbers that I seemed to get caught on at every turn. I sighed deeply, holding on to the only Ace I'd ever had as tightly as I could. Still, it was slipping out. Falling away from me. Being pulled out by the person who had dealt as if it was a mistake. The cards not stacked quite right against me.

Reaching out my hand, I gently smoothed back my husband's sweat soaked hair. His skin was clammy and cool, his eyes dull. He smiled at me weakly, that small effort causing him great discomfort. I squeezed his hand tighter and held the tears back. "Don't leave me," I croaked. "I'll have nothing left." Tears flowed and I bit my lip, desperate to take it all back.

"You have a full house, my love. You have our son. Kings high; you're the Queen. And I'm merely the Jack on Earth. I'll be your Ace in heaven." I listened to him carefully and as his eyes froze, I started wishing again.

*** One Word ***


  1. "I'm merely the Jack on Earth. I'll be your Ace in heaven." One of the most romantic lines I've read in a long time. Beautiful, Heather.

  2. Monica,
    Good to see you and thank you!