Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It started as a small patch of particularly nasty ones. We weren't that concerned. It wasn't the first time we had let down our guard and things had slipped beyond easy control. Together, my husband and I implemented the old precautions. It didn't work and the nasty ones beget smaller, weaker versions of themselves which quickly grew into new threats.

We called in the specialists, each with his own thought on how to best proceed. All of their advice failed. Worry and doubt became second nature as we continued to work through person after person, all who claimed to have the answer to stop the erupting population. My son began a new mantra that he said every time he felt surrounded by the beasts, "I want to kill the zombies."

We laughed hysterically at our small son, but understood his frustration. After all, they had targeted him unlike anything anyone had ever seen. "Scabies," the most recent doctor had said.

"Yes," my son replied, "Zombies."

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