Tuesday, August 3, 2010


They'd set sail that morning, the luxurious yacht destined for the warm islands south of Hawaii. A small villa and a handful of servants awaited their arrival on the private island. They stood in the prow of the boat, sipping champagne as they watched the waves sliced by the boat. Spray wet the white sides of the boat, making it shimmer in the rising sun. Joanna set her glass down and smiled broadly at her husband. Snuggling up to her husband of less than 24 hours, she purred into his neck, "It's perfect George."

George relished the closeness, the feel of her chilled skin against his own. Her warm breath and wet lips raised goosebumps on his arms and sent a shiver down his spine. He leaned over her, taking in the smell of her hair, then raising her face so that he could kiss her lips. It was a soft kiss. A kiss that is shared between lovers of a long time; almost chaste. He planned their honeymoon meticulously, careful to keep every detail to himself.

A light danced seductively in her eyes, her lips curved up in a small smile. "Shall we go below?" she whispered. He smoothed the wind blown hair from her face, lifted her in his arms, and began to carry her to the lower cabin. She smiled at him, crossing her ankles and unbuttoning his shirt. He began walking across the deck, his attention split between his wife and his balance. She kissed him again. Kicking the step between levels, he stumbled to the rail, catching himself but losing his grip on her. Water splashed on the deck as the boat continued careening away from her. He watched her small form struggling in the water.

A large smile spread across his face. Mission accomplished he thought. Heading down to the cabin, he began to count the millions he stood to inherit, only a small portion of which needed to be paid out to the small on-board crew.

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  1. Yes George it is perfect....Love the the line "It was a soft kiss. A kiss that is shared between lovers of a long time; almost chaste"