Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jealousy 14

“Okay” I say, but I am feeling nervous about this. It’s not like I will be able to walk up to John and ask him to hang out with me more. Maybe letting her believe it is a co-worker is a bad idea. “And how am I going to do that when I rarely see him?”

“Now, I might be going out on a limb, but it seems as if he thinks of you as a co-worker only right now. The first thing you have to do is give him something more to identify with besides Wollensky’s. Pick somewhere he likes to go and show up looking completely different. Do you know what I mean?”

I have no idea what she means. “Not a clue. You mean go to a baseball game wearing something other than my Wollensky’s shirt? Because, news flash, I already do that.”

“Yeah, but do you look good? Do you wear your hair down and make-up or do you still pull your hair up? Ya’ know?” I love it when Laura’s southern drawl slips out. She hates it her accent. When we first met, she was working diligently on making it disappear. When she is excited about something, she still slips. It makes me smile.

“Kind of. So, let’s say that I am going to a baseball game. What would you dress me in?” I think I understand, but want to make sure I can do this with as little help down the road as possible.

Laura’s hands fly up. They are hovering in front of her about shoulder height, hands splayed open, as if she is directing traffic. “Okay. If I were going to dress you for the game, I would look at two possibilities. First, you could go the totally casual look. Baseball jersey with a little lace cami underneath and a pair of jeans. Wear your hair down and smooth. Get some of those big movie star sunglasses and a baseball cap. Then, cheer like mad. Dressed like a supportive fan and looking cute could easily get your face on the big screen. He may not recognize you at the game, but then at work you can tell everybody about it. Word will get around and he’ll be like, ‘No way. I was there. I saw her!’ It will be kind of like bragging rights and men love to be able to brag.”

My heart sinks a little because I know that word of mouth is not going to work in this situation. “But what if he doesn’t hear it from a co-worker?”

“It doesn’t matter! He will still have seen you and you can use it conversationally at some other point.” She seems so positive and I feel like I should have made up another story. “There is also the fun option. You know, wear that cute little pink top you have, your skinny jeans, and then some kitten shoes. I would put on some big earrings and a few long necklaces or something for a little spice. Curl your hair and try to purposefully, " she puts finger quotes around the word purposefully, "run into him at some point in the game.”

Now it is my turn to laugh. “Yeah right. Just run right into him at the game? It’s clear you have never been to a game. You can't find friends if you coordinate a meet-up time and location while at the same game! You don’t just run into people at Wrigleyville.”

“Well, then try a few bars after the game. You’ll fit in either way with how you are dressed. It might mean a little bar hopping, but no biggie. If you don’t find him, you will still have a good time." Laura pauses for a moment before pushing a single pointer finger toward my chest. "I almost forgot! Bring a friend for these ventures. Otherwise you may look like a stalker or a very desperate person. Neither of these are attractive on you.” I know I have to agree to try. Some of it could actually work. I usually try not to be noticed by John. I prefer to observe him at a distance most times. The restaurant is the only time I ever interact directly with him.

Laura’s advice isn’t too far off base. She isn’t saying to walk up and just start talking to him. She’s saying be part of the crowd until my presence is just natural. I can do that.

“Baseball is over, but I get what you are saying. I think he likes the Green Mill jazz club so maybe that could be somewhere to go.” I am already thinking about other places I could show up without it seeming too odd. I start to think that this aspect of Laura’s plan could work.

Then, Laura provides the nugget of information that tells me this will all work. “Honey, we are building the quintessential romance story. Your beloved John Cusack movies are all about this. The man is desperately in love and only the woman who is pining after him knows it is with the wrong woman. Then, through karma or personal preservation, the pining woman becomes the center of his world. One day, he wakes up and realizes that she is his life. You are the pining woman and this mysterious tall, dark, and handsome man with deep brown eyes is John Cusack. Here we are, finding a way to give you John Cusack on bended knee.”

At this moment, I love Laura more than I have ever loved any other person in the world.

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  1. I like this. Especially the twist of using the metaphor of the JC movies!

    Does Laura really know does she suspect? Will she be the friend that gets to go or will that be dangerous.

    Now will our Jane go to work?