Friday, July 16, 2010

Like A..... Glass of Wine

Like a full glass of wine set near a white carpet, she toppled onto the floor spilling across it. The man who invaded her peace and security watched the blood spread, dying the carpet fibers a deep red. Carefully he sheathed his knife and stepped over her cooling body. Already, the terror in her eyes had diminished. He missed her muffled screams and whimpering protests. It was his favorite part of every murder: his victim's reactions.

He sat on the plush couch and took an apple out of his knapsack, taking deep bites and chewing on the fruit and his thoughts. Settling in, he began to wonder how to put this scenario in his dissertation. He'd have to be quick about it. It was due to his professor in two months and he still needed a case study on strangulation.

*** Daily Writing Practice ***

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